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What should I search for in a jewelry before buying_blog - purchasing tips

What should you search for in a jewelry before you decide to buy it ?

Posted by admin
10th April 2017,6:12 PM

Buying a jewelry like earrings for women or necklace for women seems to be an easy process, but it is not so. There are many people who buy jewelry in many different ways as they do not have much idea of how to buy a jewelry and so sometimes the jewelry seller takes advantage asks for a higher price. There are many things that one should look at while buying any jewelry, especially gold jewelry.

1. Know the purity

Carat determines the purity of the gold. The best is 24 Carat with 99.9% purity and then the next is 22 Carat wth 92% purity and some other are 14 and 18 Carat with 58.33% and 75% purity respectively. Each Carat gold is equivalent to 4.2% pure gold. 24 Carat gold is not suited to make jewelry as it is very soft in its purest form and so is combined with some other base metals like copper, silver, nickel or zinc to make jewelry. One should always avoid purchasing gold without checking its purity

2. Making Charges

When gold is designed according to your needs, the final designed jewelry comes with the making charges attached to it. The amount paid for the labor involved in making jewelry is the making charge. It is a reflection of current gold rates and so sometimes might need to pay higher making charges.
There are some jewelers who offer fixed making charges on purchase of ornaments for weddings when bought from single stores like earrings for women, necklaces for women and many more things. Fixed making charges would make the gold purchase cheaper as making charges in percentage might keep on increasing with increase in the hike.

3. Man-made vs. Machine-made ornaments

There are different making charges for different ornaments. There are some ornaments that are machine-made ornaments and some are man-made ornaments. Making charges on machine-made jewelry is less than the man-made jewelry. For example, bangles and necklaces for women are machine-made jewelry and costs 7% to 15% of the cost of the gold and earrings for women and lightweight gold items cost 20% to 25% of the cost of the gold.

4. Weight of the jewelry

In India, most of the jewelry are sold on the basis of the weight, with the heavier pieces costing more. The addition of precious stone like diamond or ruby to the gold makes the jewelry heavier and increases the price. One should avoid buying jewelry with studded stones because when weighed along with the gold, it is charged accordingly. If the gold part in studded jewelry weighs 50%, then also jeweler may ask you to pay for complete gold price and may charge you higher.

5. Is the gold in jewellery BIS hallmarked?

In many countries including India, there is a law that defines that there should be a stamp mark on every item of gold jewellery indicating its cartage and this identification is controlled by a hallmarking system. The government of India has recognized BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) as a sole agency and its hallmarking scheme has been aligned with international criteria on hallmarking. Hallmark is an identification for the purity of golds and so it is always advisable to buy hallmarked jewelry as these are tested by competent agencies.

6. Buy-Backs

There are many jewelers who offer buy back wherein one can exchange their old jewelry and get new and modern jewellery like an earring for women, a necklace for women, finger rings for women and all other accessories. The design and trends might change, the value of gold remains same and discussing buybacks during the purchase of jewellery could benefit you in future if you ever get bored of your old jewelry.