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The most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world_blog

The most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world

Posted by admin
9th May 2017,11:47 AM

“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls” – Audrey Hepburn

Jewelry is universally known to be the best thing to make any girl happy and pretty. A girl in happiness and beauty with the possession of some fine jewelry will also agree, that some jewelry with a big chunk of rock is a feel good factor and a piece or possess with pride.
The jewelry is, nowadays, known to be the most important part of every women’s life. Nowadays, every woman cannot live without jewelry and always want to keep on adding to their jewelry collection and want to have all the different styles of jewelry.

The five top most expensive pieces of jewelry are listed below.

L'Incomparable Diamond Necklace

1. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

The L’Incomoarable Diamond Necklace has the world record of being the most valuable and expensive necklace. The weight of this diamond piece is 637 Carat. This incomparable diamond, which is in the shades of yellow and weighing 407.48 Carat, was discovered 30 years ago by a young girl and earlier it was an 890 Carat by-product of diamond mining and took 4 years to polish it and craft it into a necklace of worth $55 including 229.52 Carat white diamonds.

The Graff Pink

2. The Graff Pink

Laurence Graff, a private collector, purchased the Graff Pink worth of $46.2 million at $1.85 million per karat from a famous creator Harry Winston in 2010. This is the another most expensive piece in the world and has a pink diamond worth 24.78 Carat. The pink has a rectangular cut with delicately rounded corners and is placed between two shield-shaped diamonds. All the three diamonds are mounted on a platinum ring.

Heart of the Ocean - The most expensive jewelry in the entire world

3. Heart of the Ocean

It is one of the most recognizable pieces of jewelry in the world. It is the exact replica of the necklace used in the movie, Titanic. This piece was created by a well-known jewelry designer, Harry Winston with a real blue diamond of worth 15 Carat. This necklace is amongst the world’s costliest necklaces and priced at $20 million and is worn at Oscars.

Chopard's Blu Diamond Ring - the most expensive jewelry in the entire world

4. Chopard’s Blu Diamond Ring

It is another most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. The main reason for being the most expensive is the Blue Diamond as this type of gem is coveted and costly because of its exclusivity. The ring features an oval-shaped blue diamond weighing Carats and is set on the white gold of 18 Carats with the triangular clear diamonds on the sides. This ring can definitely win the heart of any women. The current value of this is $16.26 million.

Bulgari Two-tone Diamond Ring - the most expensive jewelry in the entire world

5. Bulgari Two-tone Diamond Ring

It is an original Bulgari collection created in 1972. It also has two triangular diamonds viz. first is the vivid blue diamond weighing 10.95 Carat and the second is the colorless one weighing 9.87 Carats. The another best specialty of the ring is that The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) verifies that the color, clarity, and flawlessness of the two diamonds. An Asian collector bought this in an auction at a price of $15.7 million, placing it amongst the world’s costliest rings.