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Chaitra sale 2017, Zene fashion on every jewlry and accessories

Chaitra, the festive month in India with loads of exciting offers & sale…..

Posted by admin
26th March 2017,9:22 PM

Chaitra is the month of the Hindu calendar. According to Hindu or India’s National Civil calendar, it is the first month of the year. According to Bengali, it is the last month in their calendar, where they call it Chaitro. Chaitra or Chait. It is also the last month in Nepali Calendar (the Vikram Samvat), Chithirai is the first month in Tamil Calendar. According to Hinduism, Lord Brahma started creation on the first day of Chaitra.

Chaitra, the festive month

The month of Chaitra is associated with festivals in all over India. Holi, the festival of colors celebrated on the eve of Chaitra (namely the last day of Phalgun). The first of Chaitra- is celebrated as New Year’s Day in a different region- “Gudi Padwa” in Maharastra, “Chaitrai Vishu or Puthandu” in Tamil Nadu and “Ugadi” in Andhra pradesh and Karnataka.

Another festival later this month is Chaitra Navratri. Ram Navami festival is celebrated as the birth of Lord Ram, Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated for the birth of Lord Hanuman, In Rajasthan Gangaur is celebrated during this time, it’s a worship of Gauri Maa for married or unmarried women. Bengali people celebrate Charak Puja, held in West Bengal and in the southern part of Bangladesh and worshipping charak tree. Along with this puja, there is Neel Puja, of Lord Shiva, worshiped by married women.

The Chaitra sale in West Bengal

In West Bengal Chaitra month (maash) is the last month of Bengali Calendar (like we have December). Hence, Bengali people celebrate last day of last month and welcome first day of their new year. It’s a celebration of new year.

Upto 70 % off on every products

The sale in the last month of Bengali year calendar is called Chaitra Sale. Clearing stock is the main motto of the shopkeeper or dealers. We get a huge discount on branded product like Women fashion accessories, designer fashion jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Lifestyle product, Edible product, Electronics Appliances, many Furniture much more. We get many discounts like up to 70% off or buy 1 get 1 free or buy at 50% off and two at 60% off and sometimes happy hours discounts.

During this time Bengali people enjoys doing shopping and eating outdoor food. Everywhere there is rush all over Kolkata but few place is there where you cannot keep yourself stand. Barrabazar, New Market, Gariahat, Hatibagan etc. are few places where rush are like “WOW”, not only these place but also in shopping mall we get the good discount.

People’s Craze for Chaitra Sale

People are super crazy and excited for this time, they wait almost a whole year. During this time students or employers (who stay outside West Bengal) in different places come home and enjoy the new year with the family. This sale is basically to clear old stock and in the new Bengali year they purchase the new product, that’s why you will find sales everywhere.

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In fact, Middle-class Bengali family really wait for this Chaitra sale whole year and do shopping for their home needs and daily needs clothes. You can expect varieties of goods at a good and reasonable rate. It includes the discount in the different products. Bengali’s celebrate new year or Poila Baisakh with lots of happiness and shopping, which is a top priority to them.